Cyrus Audio Streamers FAQ

This Cyrus Audio Streamers FAQ was created by Steve (SteveC) & myself (vivekk) for the CyrusUnofficial audio forum to help users overcome some common problems & provide answers to some frequently asked questions about the Cyrus Audio Streamers.

You can
download the information as a PDF file here.

The information has not been endorsed or recommended by Cyrus Audio Ltd themselves.

Some undocumented features:

Can I switch the display off?
Yes, just use the red button to the left & below the display

Why do I have to wait for the streamer to boot up every time I switch it back on?
You don’t have to. Go to ‘Standby’ in the setup menu & disable it. This is a partial standby setting. The power LED turns yellow & the unit then remembers the last settings for NAS or USB. There is now no waiting for network search and/or directory loading.

Is there a way of moving through a list of artists, albums, songs or files more quickly?
Yes, just press & hold the up/down arrow on the n-remote. The cursor initially scrolls down, but then jumps up/down. You can also use a single press on the previous track/next track buttons to move the page itself more quickly.

My n-remote has frozen. What can I do?
There is a small pin hole half way down on the rear of the n-remote. Pop a paperclip in there to reset it.

When I view USB drive filenames on the n-remote, they’re too long. What can I do?
You can use software on the PC (
MP3Tag) or Mac (MusicBrainz Picard) to rename the files based on their tag information.

I use a few USB drives & memory cards to hold my music. How can I access all of them?
You can use a multiple memory card reader or an externally-powered USB hub. Each device then appears as a separate volume in the USB section of the n-remote.

Do I need to re-pair the n-remote after powering off & on my streamer?
No, the two devices should start communicating again with each other after a short time. It may appear as they’re unpaired. Don’t worry- you don’t need to do anything.

Various issues

When I choose a different input on my Cyrus preamp with its own remote, the Stream X’s input also changes. What can I do?
The Stream X uses the same IR input choices as the pre-amp equipped streamers. Just use the n-remote to control your preamp.

I’ve selected the ‘CyIR’ hotkey on the n-remote, but I still can’t change the Dac XP’s source input. What can I do?
Update your n-remote’s firmware to the latest version. The n-remote’s input selection buttons should then let you change the preamp’s source input.
Download the PC
configuration program & follow the instructions.

I’m having problems fully controlling my Cyrus transport & other Cyrus equipment. What can I do?
Try updating your n-remote firmware first. Download the PC
configuration program & follow the instructions.

To play CD, choose ‘CyIR’ hotkey -> press red button below screen -> transport switches on, preamp turns on to ‘CD’ source -> n-remote now controls transport -> press main red ‘off’ button to switch off transport

To play other sources, choose ‘CyIR’ hotkey -> press yellow button below screen -> preamp switches on to ‘AV’ source (& streamer also switches on unfortunately) -> use n-remote source input +/- buttons to change source -> press main red ‘off’ button to switch off preamp & streamer (or choose streamer hotkey first, to switch off streamer alone)

When I browse to another input from my network connection, such as the iPod, the music stops. What can I do?
Unfortunately, choosing another source will always stop playback of the current source. There is no workaround for this.

Sometimes the n-remote only shows a few lines of text at a time. What can I do?
Just switch your streamer off at the mains for 30 seconds & then switch it back on again. The n-remote should then start working properly again.

Why can’t I see any of my album cover art on the n-remote’s display?
Cover art is only available when using a UPnP media server, not with USB devices. Images must be JPGs with a 300x300 pixel maximum resolution & can be embedded into appropriate audio files &/or saved as a separate image in the relevant album folder. Check your media server’s setup if you’re having problems.

My cover art used to work fine, but no longer appears on the n-remote’s display. What can I do?
On the streamer, go to Setup -> Factory Reset -> Yes, then switch it off at mains & use the re-set pin on back of n-remote. Switch the unit back on & then re-pair with the n-remote. If you still have no joy, check the UPnP server settings have not been changed.

My n-remote seems to have failed. It won’t reset & it won’t charge. What do I do?
Improper initial charging of the n-remote could be the problem. We’d recommend leaving the n-remote for a few days to fully discharge on its own. Then try to re-charge it following the steps below. You may need to wait up to 4-5 days for it to discharge, however.
Initial charging of the n-remote needs to be carried out properly. Based on user experience, it’s recommended to charge it for 8 hours uninterrupted.
Following that, try to let the n-remote become completely empty before re-charging it again for a further 8 hours. Do this for the first 3-4 cycles to help prolong the life of the battery. It’s also recommended to do this periodically, perhaps once every few weeks.

I’ve created some playlists, but they’re all empty. What’s wrong with them?
Playlists need to be in m3u or pls format, must only contain relative paths & must be in Unix directory format. The simplest solution is to create them using your media server software. You could use
external software instead, or manually modify the playlists you’ve created.
Strangely, however, it appears that absolute paths are also catered for when using the same
Winamp Playlist Creator software. Make sure you set the playlists as ‘absolute, without drive’ in the software’s setup menu, then drag and drop files from the NAS drive. Put the .m3u or .pls file into a root folder in the music share of your NAS drive. With Twonky on the Western Digital NAS drives, the playlist will be present under the ‘Playlist’ folder when browsing the n-remote.

My UPnP server provides track numbers, but why can’t I choose them on the n-remote?
This is an unsupported feature, because the UPnP protocol does not facilitate it unfortunately.

Can I use the n-remote to control other IR devices?
Yes, download the PC
configuration program & follow the instructions. Plan how you’re going to assign different button combinations for different remotes & select ALL of your equipment before uploading the information to the n-remote. Otherwise, you’ll need to re-connect.

I’ve programmed the n-remote with additional IR codes. I can now turn my TV off, but why can’t I switch it back on?
This is a known problem with Panasonic TVs as well as those from other manufacturers. Cyrus will be providing updated IR command sets soon.

Can the n-remote be programmed with Windows Media Centre IR codes?
Not currently. When ‘Microsoft’ is chosen as the brand & ‘Media Player’ is chosen as the type, the software displays "This IR device is not supported”. Cyrus will be providing updated IR command sets soon.

The streamer won’t read my USB hard drives. What can I do?
It needs to be formatted as a FAT32 drive. NTFS, ExFAT & Mac OS are not catered for. After saving your data, use
Easeus Partition Master to re-format.

I’ve used an unpowered USB drive, but the music doesn’t sound as clear. What can I do?
If possible, try using an externally-powered USB drive instead. The variable current drawn from the streamer’s internal power supply may be affecting the audio circuitry’s supply & therefore its sound.

Network-related issues

Can I control the streamer with my iPad or Android mobile phone?
If you’ve set up the streamer on your network & are using a UPnP server to hold your music, then you can use a UPnP app on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad to control music playback on the streamer. On iOS devices,
eyeconTroller, PlugPlayer & eLyric all work fine. Some NAS manufacturers provide apps for their own equipment. Synology’s DS Audio is an example. Various UPnP apps are also available in the Android Market.

After putting the streamer into standby/switching it off, it no longer connects to my wired network. What can I do?
It’s probably best to assign a fixed IP address to your streamer, either manually on the streamer itself, or on your DHCP server, which will probably be controlled by your router & should be able to reserve an IP address for the streamer. If there are still problems, just remove & re-insert the streamer’s ethernet cable & then go to Setup ->Network -> DHCP -> On & let it re-scan for your network.

I’m using a wireless connection. Where can I find the streamer’s MAC address, signal strength, wireless channel etc?
Just type the unit's IP address into your browser. The status & profile pages of the unit's web interface will show all of this information.

Where can I find the streamer’s firmware information?
Just type the unit's IP address into your browser. Firmware version & date will appear on the status page of the web interface.

I’m setting up a wired network just for serving music to a Cyrus Streamer. Is a switch necessary?
If you have a router incorporating a switch, then a separate switch is not necessary. However, external switches tend to be of a higher quality to those found in most routers. They also help to separate the wired switching from the wireless switching, thereby allowing less hindered communication between the UPnP NAS & your streamer. The additional ethernet ports they provide may also help with future-proofing your wired network, especially if you decide on a gigabit switch.

Why can’t I see any AIFF music files stored on my ReadyNas Duo?
Unfortunately, the NAS is unable to serve AIFF audio via UPnP using either the inbuilt ReadyDLNA software or the Twonky server add-on. You could convert the files to FLAC format or use a different NAS, such as those from
Synology or Western Digital.
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