HDTracks 'Quietly' Remove Previously Sold 'HD' Music!

As a result of my preparation for Cyrus Stream X testing, I decided to do a little research in the resolution quality of some 'HD' music I downloaded last year. When I pay for a 24bit/96KHz album, I expect it to be a 24bit/96KHz album, somewhat stupidly perhaps. 

The album in question is
HDTracks' Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan's 'In Session' 2009 Stax Records re-master. It's described as a 24bit/96KHz HD album in FLAC format. It really is a great album & I've loved listening to it since buying it last April. However, having read a few online articles concerning problems with CD-upsampled albums being sold, perhaps unknowingly, as 24bit/96KHz, curiosity got the better of me & I thought I'd perhaps scrutinise 'In Session'. Read More...

Cyrus Audio Streamers FAQ

This Cyrus Audio Streamers FAQ was created by Steve (SteveC) & myself (vivekk) for the CyrusUnofficial audio forum to help users overcome some common problems & provide answers to some frequently asked questions about the Cyrus Audio Streamers.

You can
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